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Ways to Raise Funds Before the Night

On the Night you raise funds from a Raffle, Charity Auction, and The Mega Spin Roulette

Ways to raise funds on the night

1. Raffle

  • A raffle is the 'Old Reliable', everyone loves to win a prize
  • Get as many Spot Prizes as possible and have a Raffle
  • Usually it's €2.00 a strip, or 3 strips for €5.00
  • You can almost guarantee everyone present will buy tickets

2. The Mega Roulette "SPIN & WIN"

  • Every 15 Minutes we run a "Mega Roulette Spin"
  • Guests can select a number 1-36 where tickets will have been purchased prior at the Roulette Table for €10.00 each
  • The Winner Receives €180.00 and the Club make €180.00
  • There are 8 Spins in the duration of the Casino Night which can make the club €1,440+
  • Some clubs have sold each spin a number of times
  • We provide a senior croupier to run this for you

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