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Ways to Raise Funds Before the Night

You can raise funds by selling Tickets, Sponsors, and Adverts in the Souvenir Booklet. We issue you with a 'Starter & Promo Pack' and this contains all the Tickets, Posters.

Ways to raise funds before the night

1. Selling Tickets
@ €25.00 + each

  • The Main Revenue Stream from the Casino Night is selling Tickets
  • The Minimum amount of Tickets usually would be 200+
  • The Minimum suggested price is €25.00, as we split this amount 50/50% with the club.
  • Our 50% covers everything in the package : The Event Production, The Promotional Packs & Tickets
  • We will provide an event to the standard of the Ticket Price and Number of Guests. (For example - if tickets are €35 each and there are 400 guests, the event will be substantially better quality and in size)

2. Selling Sponsors
@ €195.00 each (with Full Page Advert also in Souvenir Booklet)

  • We will position stands throughout the venue with large 4ft. x 2ft. Signs for the Sponsors
  • We will also design an advert for the souvenir booklet for all Sponsors
  • You can sell as many sponsors as you can.

3. Main Event Sponsor
@ €500.00 to €1,000.00

  • Usually the club would seek a 'Main Event Sponsor'
  • This sponsor would usually pay between €500.00 to €1,000.00 for this privilege
  • The Main Sponsor's Logo will appear on Posters, and The Front (there logo) and Back Pages (there ad) of the Souvenir Booklet

4. Adverts
@ €100.00 Full Page, €65.00 Half Page

  • The remaining option to raise funds prior is to sell as many adverts as possible
  • Companies can take a Full Page or Half Page
  • Usually you would offer a Half Page for more (i.e. €65) to encourage them to take a Full Page
  • Our Studio ( can design all the adverts to a Professional Standard You simply supply us with details of the company (i.e. a Business Card, Flyer, Etc) and we will design it up

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