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Lip Sync Fundraiser

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Lip Sync Legends Fundraiser

Perform as one of our Iconic Music Legends


Based on the concept of the hit TV show, our adaptation Lip Sync Legends - The Show, gives your members and supporters the opportunity to take to the stage and perform as an iconic music legend, new and old, to raise funds for the club or organisation.

Going solo, or being a member of a duet or group, we can cater for all different age groups and personalities within the club or organisation to ensure everyone can get involved.


Lip Sync Legends Fundraiser

From iconic solo legends such as Freddy Mercury, George Michael, Elvis and Bruce Springsteen, to groups such as ABBA, The Jackson Five, and The Spice Girls, we have an act and a place to suit all contestants - No Talent Required! Guys being girls, girls being guys - it all adds to the atmosphere!


40+ members/supporters will get involved in 12-16 acts.


Once you have your Contestants they will train for 4-6 Weeks to prepare a Group Dance and their own individual performance. Our stylists will advise on all costumes and accessories require ensuring you are as close to the real thing. This is a great opportunity for members and supporters to get involved in this high class professional production.


For some it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved, train, and perform in a big stage production.


Lip Sync Legends Fundraiser


The format for the show is very similar to Strictly Dance where acts will perform one after another. Judges will give their views and scores after each performance.
the top 4 will then be going through to the final where they will perform again with the winner being selected by the Judges Panel. The events bring the entire community and club organisation together, and most importantly are a great fundraiser. Contestants have a far greater chance of winning by raising more money for the club.


Lip Sync Legends Fundraiser


Lip Sync Legends Fundraiser

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