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Lip Sync Fundraiser

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Lip Sync Legends - Media Crew

Our Media Team including PR Co-coordinator, Photographer, and Video Camera Crew who will capture the highlights and atmosphere on the night. Our Post Event Edit Studio will then complete all the edits and upload to Youtube, and Facebook/Social Media.


Below is some of the Media that we provide in our Complete Package. There’s a bit to watch but well worth clicking on all the Links and Viewing the various Videos, Galleries, and Design and Printing.


We provide all the Design, Videos, and Galleries right from day one. Firstly we produce a Promotional Video to help promote the event and add a Professional Profile. We also design Posters, Tickets, Sponsor Cards, Facebook Branded Pages, plus Personalised Poster for all Individual Acts for the Night (these are done after the Launch Night). Then on the Night our Camera Crew and Photographer Film and Shoot the entire event and produce Photo Galleries, Individual Performance Edits, and options on Highlights Videos.


Our Enhanced Media adds so much to the Post Event Media.

A Legacy & Memory for Life for both Club and Contestants!


Please check out our links below to give you a view of the Level of Media, Production, which this package offers!


Promotional Video - Naomh Barrog GAA


Highlights Video - Finglas United FC


Individual Performance Edits - St. Patrick’s NS, Bray


Highlights Video - St. Patrick’s NS, Bray


Professional Facebook Branded Media Page:
St. Patrick’s NS, Bray


Professional Event Page:
Naomh Olaf


Personalised Posters for Groups/Contestants:
Design & Printing


Professional Souvenir Booklet for the Night:
Design & Printing


Post Event Press Release:
Professional Article
This is an article specially written by a Professional journalist.
This can then be sent to the various Local Newspapers and Media.

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