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  • The Oscraz Fundraiser The Oscarz Fundraiser RAISE €100,000* IN REVENUE AND MORE FOR YOUR CLUB, SCHOOL OR ORGANISATION!
  • I'm A Celeb Fundraiser The Oscarz Fundraiser All of our packages include everything required for your event from start to finish...

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The Oscarz Fundraiser - Here's How It Works...

Once you have decided to run this event for your Club we will assign our OSCARZ Team to your event. Our Team will include our Event Operations Managers, Camera Crew, Director, and Professional Drama Coach. There will be several steps along the way and the entire process will take 9 weeks from the initial Casting Night to The LIVE Show.


Here are some of the Steps along the way:



First up is an Information Night with our Event Operations Manager.

This can take place at your Clubhouse or Local Pub.

This usually takes place a week before your Casting Night.



Once you have gathered your Contestants we will initially hold a Casting Night.

At this Night your would be Actors and Actresses will be accessed and assigned their Movies and Roles.

Our Drama Coach will ensure their is a suitable role for all.



Once the Casting Night has taken place, an Event & Media Launch Night can take place.

In attendance on the night will be all the Contestants, and we will then announce which Movie/Film they will be appearing in, and the part they have been assigned. 



Once the Launch Night is complete and everyone knows their roles/parts, it is time to practice, practice, and practice.

Our Drama Coach will be with your groups for 4/5 weeks in advance of The Film Shoot to ensure everyone is ready for the Shoot Day. 

Usually this is done 1 Night, or Weekend Day per week.



The Movies will be made in various locations in the community, adding a real local spin to the event.

Usually the 7 Movies will be filmed over 2 consecutive weekends (Friday & Saturday) after the period of Drama Coaching and Auditions.



Once all the Movies are Filmed and Edited it's time to Roll out the Red Carpet and have your very own Night at the OSCARZ Award Ceremony.

Usually the 7 Movies will be filmed over 2 consecutive weekends (Friday & Saturday) after the period of Drama Coaching and Auditions.

Usually a Club would book a local Hotel or Venue suitable for the event.

Having created some of Ireland's Biggest Professional Award Ceremonies, our Production Team will create an Oscars Award Ceremony using Professional Drapes, AV, Stage, PA, and Lighting, plus Red Carpet, Red Ropes and Stanchions, Giant Oscars Statues.



Like any Oscars Ceremony their will be Awards for the Best Movie, Highest Grossing Movie (ie Most Raised for your Club), Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, plus many more including Best Individual Fundraiser....

On the Night, once everyone is in the Room we will launch the Movie Reels and Premier all 7 Movies.

Our Top Class MC will introduce each movie and like Strictly style events, their will be Judges comments and votes, and interviews with the cast after each Movie.



Although their is no obligation to Dress to any code for the night, it is a great opportunity for the Club Members to Dress, OSCARS Style ! Some Clubs, similar to the Races, are offering Prizes for the Best Dressed Lady and Best Dressed Male on the Night.

Our Entrance Photographer will ensure he gets as many groups photographed at the entrance for the Post Event Gallery.



Once the Main Event is complete it is time to either have a VIP After Party Disco in the Venue, or some Clubs may prefer to head back to their own Pub or Club. This will be advertised extensively as we want Guests to enjoy a full night of entertainment and buzz.

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