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  • The Oscraz Fundraiser The Oscarz Fundraiser RAISE €100,000* IN REVENUE AND MORE FOR YOUR CLUB, SCHOOL OR ORGANISATION!
  • I'm A Celeb Fundraiser The Oscarz Fundraiser All of our packages include everything required for your event from start to finish...

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Oscarz Fundraiser - Promo Material

Fundraising Events Group provide all the Media, Design, and Printing required for the event, including Personalised Posters for all Contestants.


We provide each Club with a Launch Night within the Package Cost. Our Professional Photographer will take High Quality Photographs of them, and our Design Studio will create Personalised Posters. The Film/Movie Sponsor can be added to these Posters. This can benefit as Clubs can charge €1,000.00+ for each Contestant Sponsor, with some Clubs having charged up to €2,000.00+. The Film/Movie Sponsor will also recieve an Advert in the Sounvenir Booklet for the Night.



Personalised Movie Posters (x7):

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