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Race Night Packages

Race Night Services is Ireland's leading Race Night Event Supplier and we have all the elements required for your Race Night.


We can supply DIY Packages, or Professional 'Operator Packages' which are the professional hassle free way to raise funds.


1. Race Night Films & Tote Tickets
2. PA and AV Equipment
3. Race Card / Starter Pack Design & Printing
4. Professional Operator




Race Night Films/Totes Package €245.00

Operator MC Package €545.00



• Complete Package €895.00

• DIY Professional Package €595.00


Leinster Events

Travel Fees:

Our Dublin based Race Night team will produce Race Nights in Dublin for no additional charge and a standard €35.00 Travel allowance will apply for all other counties of Leinster.


Print and Design:

Our Print and Design Packages includes:

  • Starter Pack
  • Posters (A3 and A4 x 12)
  • Race Cards (100 Copies, 28 Pages)

Additional Pages:

Additional Pages in the booklet will be charged at:

  • €10.00 > Full Pages
  • €7.50 > Half Pages
  • €6.25 > Qtr. Pages


€245.00 per event


An average club can achieve their target if personally managed by one of our Professional Operator in our 'Complete Package' from Start to Finish. Our MC will Meet with your committee and explain to everyone 'How It all Works' and make you a target plan (i.e. what you will need to sell to achieve your target). He will bring you the 'Starter Pack' that will contain all Promotional Posters, Sales Material, etc.


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