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What Is A Race Night?

A Race Night is the most popular and profitable way to fundraise. It combines two of the most enjoyable social activities – a day at the races and a night out with friends. With a Race Night package, the client can expect to raise anything from €2,500 up to €10,000 and counting depending on there targets and obviously the work put in prior to the night.

At Race Night Services, a division of Fundraising Events Limited, Ireland's largest fundraising company, we want you to make money quickly with minimum hassle and maximum good will! Our professional and reliable service provides you with all the elements required for your Race Night including our fully comprehensive package deals that are unrivaled by any other Race Night Company.

We can provide:
1. Race Night Films & Tote Betting Tickets
2. PA & AV Equipment
3. Race Cards Print/Design & Starter Pack Promotional Kit
4. Top Class Professional MC's


So why not get fundraising with Race Night Services
See below our 3 easy step, hassle free, COMPLETE PACKAGE service

Alternatively we can provide just the elements you require (i.e. Films Package, Hire, Printing, etc.) - See Package Guide for details

Step 1: We provide you with a 'STARTER PACK' that includes personalised Colour Posters, Blank Race Sheets, Advertising Forms and a Master Booklet for your Organiser. The Blank Race Sheets and Advertising Forms should be distributed to all members in order to get local businesses involved through advertising and sponsorship, and to sell Horse Owners, Jockeys and Trainers prior to the event.

Step 2: Approximately one week before your Race Night is due to commence, you are required to send us a copy of all your race sheets and advertising forms. From this, our experienced staff will organise the content and begin the design and printing process of your full colour race card.

Step 3: On the night of your event you will distribute your race cards amongst all attendees. From this point, you can sit back and relax while one of our professional MC’s will host the event for you. This involves the showing of all races, acting as the TOTE Bookie, calculating odds and conducting your auction race.


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