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  • Fundraising Events Fundraising Events All of our packages include everything required for your event from start to finish...
  • Race Nights Race Nights Raise money quickly with minimum hassle and maximum good will!
  • Casino Nights Casino Nights Choose from a range of themes, including 007 Bond Casino, Hollywood or Viva Las Vegas!

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Why Fundraise?

Since you are already browsing through our website, there is probably no reason for us to explain the benefits of fundraising as you probably have an idea as to what club, charity or organisation you would like to raise funds for. Whether you are trying to improve the facilities at your local GAA club or show your support for one of the numerous disaster stricken nations in today’s world – here at Fundraising Events, we want to help you organise your fundraising night with ease and success.

Fundraising can provide a great sense of achievement by getting all your club members and supporters involved in contributing to the necessary needs required in order to develop certain aspects of your club or organisation. In addition to this, a fundraising event can help raise the profile of your club or organisation and your cause within the local community therefore attracting new members or supporters.

At Fundraising Events we put aside the traditional ways of fundraising such as Bag Packing, Sponsored Events and Prize Bingo Nights in order to offer you the most entertaining packages which will see you raise anything from €2,000 - €10,000 and more!




Click on the following links to view any of our 3 Great Packages:

  1. Race Nights
  2. Casino Nights
  3. Stars for the Night

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and we also hope that you do not look any further when it comes to organising a fundraising event! Our testimonials section will also give you a better insight into how some of our previous clients feel about our professional services and we will look forward to working with you very soon


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