Fundraising Events Group

Fundraising Events Group

We put the FUN into FUNDRAISING

It is that time of year again and it is time to start planning the 2022/23 Fundraising Event for your Club. Many Clubs have not had a Fundraising Event since 2019 due to Covid and now Events are back in full swing!

Fundraising Events Group is Ireland’s leading Production, Management, and Media Company in this sector, running over 1,000+ Events each year and helping Clubs and Organisations to raise millions of Euros.

Established in 1994 we have helped thousands of Clubs, Schools, Charities, and Organisations to run High Class, Hassle Free, Professional and Comprehensive Events, from Race Nights to White Collar Fight Nights and everything in between, plus our latest Hit Events; The OSCARZ Fundraiser and JUNGLE Fundraiser…

Everyone needs to Fundraise, and we have put together a Team of Professionals in every aspect of an Event: WE DO IT ALL, leaving the Club to  concentrate on fundraising. Event Management and Operations, Specialist Event Crews, Media & Print Crews, Event Crews, MC’s and DJ’s.