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Fundraising Events Group offer the most comprehensive events in the country – from simple, everyday fundraisers such as Race Nights, to one-of-a-kind community fundraisers like Jungle Challenge or Lip Sync Legends, we’re sure to have something to suit your needs and budget!

Take a look at our ever-growing event options below:

Race Nights

Race Nights have been one of Ireland’s most popular and successful Fundraising Events for the past 25 years. A simple event to organise, and within the capabilities of almost all Clubs and Organisations, a Race Night combines two of Ireland’s most enjoyable activities – A Day at the Races, and A Night out with Friends! Race Nights can Raise €2,500 – €10,000 and more on average in a single night depending on the Club Size (and effort).

Casino Nights

FUN Casino Nights are one of Ireland’s longest and most established Events and IDEAL for all types of Events including Fundraising Events, Theme Events, Entertainment Events, Summer Party Nights, and Christmas Party Nights. From Casino Nights for Ice Breakers at Weddings, Blackjack Table Hire and Roulette Table Hire, Casino Nights for Birthday Parties, Fundraising Events Group provide Complete Comprehensive Packages for both Race Nights and Casino Nights.

The Kube Challenge Fundraiser

Based on the concept of the popular TV Gameshow, KUBE Challenge Fundraiser will entertain your members and guests while raising funds. 32 Pre-Registered Contestants (4 Heats of 8 Contestants) will enter the KUBE and be set tasks to test their Mental and Physical Ability, Intelligence and Responsiveness, but only 1 will WIN! There are many Revenue possibilities. This event can be organised for even the smallest Clubs and Organisations, with no prior commitment/training required by the contestants.

Kube Challenge Fundraiser

Jungle Challenge Fundraiser

Jungle Challenge Fundraiser is Ireland’s latest Hit Fundraising Event for your Club, School, Charity, or Organisation, which pits 2 Teams (Team Snake Rock/The Red Team, and Team Croc Creek/The Blue Team) against each other to collect Stars for their Teams by overcoming their Greatest Fears. Not for the Faint Hearted, 24 Pre-Registered Contestants will become Campmates for the Night and will be put to the test by taking part in a variety of 10 Challenges/Trials. Who can survive the Hell Holes, Bugs, Snakes, devour the Gourmet Critters and overcome a series of Spine Tingling and Tension Filled Challenges to beat their opponents, and be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle?

Jungle Challenge Fundraiser

Bingo Challenge Fundraiser

Combining Top MC, Live DJ, 40 Contestants/8 Teams, Bingo Rounds, Professional Production, and Professional Performances, this HIT New Event is a winner for your next Fundraising Event. Fancy Dress, to Lip Sync Battles, Sing A Longs, Challenges, this event is a complete Nights Entertainment.

All Contestants will be in Teams (8 Teams of 5) and will be in Themed Costumes. Audience Members are also encouraged to participate in Fancy Dress. There are prizes galore on the night for Bingo Winners, Team Winners, Audience Games and Spot Prizes.

Lip Sync Legends (Lip Sync Battles)

Based on the concept of the Hit TV Show, our adaptation Lip Sync Legends, one of our amazing Lip Sync Battle Fundraisers, gives your members the opportunity to perform as an Iconic Music Legend, new or old. 40/50 members will get involved in 12-16 Acts. Going solo, or being a member of a duet or group, we can cater for all age groups and personalities to ensure everyone can get involved. From Iconic Solo Legends such as Freddy Mercury, George Michael, Elvis, and Bruce Springsteen, to groups such as ABBA, The Jackson Five, and The Spice Girls, we have an act and a place to suit all contestants – No Talent Required!

Strictly Dance

Based on the concept of the Hit TV Show our adaptation, Strictly Dance Fundraiser, gives your Members and Supporters the opportunity to take to the stage and perform a Big Stage Dance Routine. Waltz, Salsa, Charleston – we can cater for all different age groups and Personalities within the Club/Organisation to ensure everyone can get involved. Once you have your Contestants, they will train for 6 Weeks to prepare a Group Dance and their own Individual Performance. The Parings/Launch Night will take place after Week 2 Training Session where we will pair the Guys and Girls for the most suitable Routines.

Movie Awards Night Fundraiser

Roll out the Red Carpet – The Stars are coming to town, and Fundraising for your Club! 60 Members of your Clubs finest ACTORS and ACTRESSES will Star in Leading and Supporting Roles in 7 Movies such as Forest Gump, Taken, The Godfather, The Snapper, Jerry Maguire, to name a few. Over a 4/5 Week Period, before Filming, our Drama Coach will run a Casting Night and then teach your Contestants Acting, their Roles, and all the basics required to make them into Movie Stars. The Movies will then be screened at a Gala Ball & Awards Ceremony at a Local Hotel or Venue.

TV Awards Night

The TV Awards Fundraiser is another one of our exciting Big Screen Productions at Fundraising Events Group. An alternative theme & concept to The OSCARZ Fundraiser, the TV AWARDS carries all the same Fundraising, and Events/Media Operations.

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