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Race Nights and Casino Nights are 2 of Ireland’s longest established Events. Ideal for both Fundraising Events and Entertainment Events, they are amongst the most simplistic events to organise for Clubs and Companies alike.


Race Nights have been one of Ireland’s most popular and successful Fundraising Events for the past 25 years. A simple event to organise, and within the capabilities of almost all Clubs and Organisations, a Race Night combines two of Ireland’s most enjoyable activities – A Day at the Races, and A Night out with Friends! Race Nights can Raise €2,500 – €10,000 and more on average in a single night depending on the Club Size (and effort).


FUN Casino Nights are one of Ireland’s longest and most established Events and IDEAL for all types of Events including Fundraising Events, Theme Events, Entertainment Events, Summer Party Nights, and Christmas Party Nights. From Casino Nights for Ice Breakers at Weddings, Blackjack Table Hire and Roulette Table Hire, Casino Nights for Birthday Parties Fundraising Events Group provide Complete Comprehensive Packages for both Race Nights and Casino Nights.