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Our Challenge Events range of Events is designed to get a group of Contestants to participate in a Stage Show based on famous TV Shows and In Vogue Concepts such as KUBE Challenge Fundraiser, JUNGLE Challenge Fundraiser, BINGO Challenge Fundraiser. 24-32 Contestants will be required to register for these Events depending on which Event you choose who will all be Fundraising for the Club, School, Charity, or Organisation who are hosting the Event. Contestants are only required for 2 dates, unlike other events, and therefore it can be sometimes easier to recruit as commitment will only be required to turn up at The Launch Night and Live Show.


Based on the concept of the popular TV Gameshow, KUBE Challenge Fundraiser will entertain your members and guests while raising funds. 32 Pre-Registered Contestants (4 Heats of 8 Contestants) will enter the KUBE and be set tasks to test their Mental and Physical Ability, Intelligence and Responsiveness, but only 1 will WIN!


JUNGLE Challenge Fundraiser is Ireland’s latest HIT Fundraising Event for your Club, School, or Organisation, which pits 2 Teams (Team Snake Rock/The Red Team, and Team Croc Creak/The Blue Team) against each other to collect Stars for their Teams by overcoming their Greatest Fears.

Not for the Faint Hearted, 24 Pre-Registered Contestants will become Campmates for the Night and will be put to the test by taking part in a variety of 10 Challenges/Trials. Who can survive the Hell Holes, Bugs, Snakes, devour the Gourmet Critters and overcome a series of Spine Tingling and Tension Filled Challenges to beat their opponents, and be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle?


We have all heard about the trend for young people with Bingo Rave Events. Our Fundraising Events version is based on the concept and theme with Big Stage and Lighting Systems, Top Character MC, LED Giant Screen, Glitter Balls, Confetti Machines, Prizes, Madness Fun Family Style, Fancy Dress, and Bingo!

32 Contestants will battle it out in everything from Challenges to Mini Lip Sync and More!