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Race Night Fundraiser

A Race Night is the most popular and profitable way to fundraise.

Race nights combine two of the most enjoyable social activities – a day at the races and a night out with friends. With a Race Night package, the client can expect to raise anything from €2,500 up to €10,000 and counting depending on their targets and obviously the work put in prior to the night.

Race Night Fundraiser Packages

We offer a number of packages to suit all budgets. From Event Only packages to Enhanced Media Packages - get in touch with our experienced team to find an option that best suits you and your needs.

Complete Race Night Package

Everything you need for a successful night
  • Professional MC
  • Race Night Films
  • Race Booklet
  • TOTE Betting
  • PA & AV Equipment
  • Promo Print
  • DJ After Event

Operator DIY package option

Suitable for medium to large events
  • Professional MC
  • Race Night Films
  • Race Booklet
  • TOTE Betting
  • PA & AV Equipment
  • Promo Print
  • DJ After Event

Race Night Film Package

Suitable for small DIY events
  • Race Night Films
  • TOTE Betting
  • Professional MC
  • Race Booklet
  • PA & AV Equipment
  • Promo Print
  • DJ After Event

How it works

Step 1: We provide you with a ‘STARTER PACK’ that includes personalised Colour Posters, Blank Race Sheets, Advertising Forms and a Master Booklet for your Organiser. The Blank Race Sheets and Advertising Forms should be distributed to all members in order to get local businesses involved through advertising and sponsorship, and to sell Horse Owners, Jockeys and Trainers prior to the event.

Step 2: Approximately one week before your Race Night is due to commence, you are required to send us a copy of all your race sheets and advertising forms. From this, our experienced staff will organise the content and begin the design and printing process of your full colour race card.

Step 3: On the night of your event you will distribute your race cards amongst all attendees. From this point, you can sit back and relax while one of our professional MC’s will host the event for you. This involves the showing of all races, acting as the TOTE Bookie, calculating odds and conducting your auction race.

The amount of money that can be raised obviously depends on the size of your club and the work you put in prior to the event. Please browse through the figures below for an example of how much an average size club can raise.
*This is based on selling 10 races with each race having a sponsor and an advert opposite each race. You can sell as many Adverts, Sponsors and Races as you can. The more you sell the more money you will raise.
An average size club can raise €2,500 – 10,000 in a night depending on how successful the advertising and horse sales are.

You can achieve your target by (Guide Only):

Before the Night:
– Selling Horses, Jockeys and Trainers in the 10 Races at €10
– Getting 10 Sponsors for the 10 Races at €125
– Asking Local Business to place advertisements in the Race Card at €100 each

On the Night:
– Tote Betting
– Raffle
– The Auction Race
Our ‘COMPLETE PACKAGES’ are the hassle free way to organise a Race Night as we provide you with all aspects involved from Starter Pack to Race Card Design and Printing and of course the smooth running of the event with a top class MC who will have all his PA and AV equipment with him.

We provide all the Design and Printing Services that will be required for the Event. Our in House Studio work with the clients to ensure all Starter packs, Tickets, and Booklets are designed to the highest standards and highlighting your Sponsors, who will be very pleased with their Sponsors and Adverts.

• Posters x 50 (25 x A4, 25 x A3)
• Tickets (if required)
• Race Seller Cards (x50)
• Booklets (200 Copies for 500 Tickets/300 Copies for 750 Tickets Packages)

* We can also Print Signs, Pop Up Stands, and Large Format Posters (Additional Charge)

Using Rock Concert Quality Professional Stages, Lighting, LED Video Walls/Screens/AV, PA/Sound, and Industry Professionals, this event is about as good as it gets in the Club Fundraising Events Market.

We Provide:
• Stage Creation
• Box Trussing System
• Suitable PA, & Sound Engineer
• Professional WOW Factor Lighting, & Lighting Engineer
• Drapes/Starcloth
• AV Screens, & AV Engineer
• Fixed Camera/Camera Operator, Live Streaming

Revenue Potential

Overall revenue will depend on the size of the event. Below is an example of some of the main ways to earn money from a Race Night fundraiser, based on an average sized club with our Complete Package.

We work with each club to maximize their revenue.

# Revenue From: Amount:
1 Main Event Sponsor €850
10 Race Sponsors @ €125 each €1,250
72 Horses/Owners Sold @ €10 each €720
72 Jockeys Sold @ €10 each €720
72 Trainers Sold @ €10 each €720
72 Auction Race €400
TOTE Betting €1,000
Raffle €300
TOTAL €5,960


Adverts in The Souvenir Booklet – EXTRA REVENUE! Raise €1,000 – €2,000 on average

Total 1 (Main Event Revenue) €5,960
Total 2 (Advertising Revenue) €2,000

Book A Race Night Fundraiser

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