Fundraising Events Group



There are 2 Ways to Fundraise!



You can raise funds by selling the Race Card (Horses, Sponsors, Ads). We issue you with a ‘StarterPack’ and this contains all the Blank Races, Ad Forms, etc. Please see ‘How Much Can We Raise’ for the suggested Rates (what average clubs charge to achieve this target). You can increase or decrease Rates if you wish. All content is uploaded to DROPBOX.

# Revenue From: Amount:
1 Main Event Sponsor €500
2 Premium Sponsors @ €250 each €500
10 Race Sponsors @ €195 each €1,950
80 Horses | Jockeys @ €10 each €800
80 Horses | Trainers @ €10 each €800
80 Horses | Owners @ €10 each €800
TOTAL €5,350


On the Night you raise funds on the TOTE Betting, Raffles, Auction Race. Our MC handles all aspects of this and only needs some Volunteers.

# Revenue From: Amount:
TOTE Betting €1,000
Auction Race €400
Raffle €500
TOTAL (Revenue 1 + Revenue 2) €7,250


There are Revenues both Before the Night (Main Fundraising) and On The Night.


1. Main Event Sponsor

Usually the club would seek a ‘Main Event Sponsor’. This sponsor would usually pay between €500 to €1,000 for this privilege. The Main Sponsor’s Logo will appear on Posters, and The Front Cover (their Logo) and Back Pages (their Ad) of the Race Card. This will substantially decrease the cost of running the night. Some Main Event Sponsors have paid us the Package Cost of the Event.We can Invoice them directly.

2. Premium Sponsor

There are 2 x Premium Sponsors and they usually get the similar publicity to the Main Event Sponsor. They get their Logo on the Posters and Promo under The Main Event Sponsor, and also either the Front Inside Cover or Back Inside Cover. Sponsors would usually pay between €200 to €300 for this privilege.

3. Race Sponsors

Full Page Advert Opposite Also
There are 10 Races on the Night that are Pre Sold, plus an Auction Race, auctioned on the Night (Race 10A, or 11). You would usually look for larger, more corporate companies to Sponsor the Races. The Sponsor will get a Race Sponsor and an Advert opposite for  €195. For Example: Race 5 (The Spar Blanchardstown Grand National – Plus Advert Opposite). They will also get publicity on the Night from the MC.

4. Races

Jockeys, Trainers and Owners
There are 8 Jockeys, 8 Trainers, and 8 Owners in each race. The Owner gets the privilege of naming the horse. The Winning Jockey, Trainer and Owner receive a prize (usually a Spot Prize, this means you keep the cash). There are usually 10 Races on the Night, plus an Auction Race (Sold on the Night), however you can sell multiple races for each (i.e. if you sell 20 races we simply have Race 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B and so on. We will worry about the layout-you simply sell as many Races as you can!
Extra Races/Extra Adverts
The base booklet has 10 Races however some Clubs have sold these Races many times ending up with Race 1A, 1B, 1C, etc. and so on for the other Races. We simply Print Extra Races for this Race. It is the same Race on the Night for result and betting, but you have several winners then due to extra fundraising. This can substantially add to the profits from the Race Night as can selling extra Ads in the Advertising Insert.

5. Adverts

The Advertising Insert
Companies can take a Full Page (€125) or a Half Page (€75) advert in the Race Card Souvenir Booklet. Prices can vary but average clubs would charge as above.
Our Design Studio can design all the adverts to a Professional Standard. You simply supply us with details of the company (i.e. Business Card, Flyer, Etc) and we will do the rest!


1. TOTE Betting

Guests can place a €2 (Minimum) bet on their chosen selection from Horses 1-8 on the Races. It’s just like being at the Dogs or Going Horse Racing. The Club take 50% (Minimum) of the Monies Placed on Each Race. So if you have 100 Guests, and each place a €2 bet, the club can expect to make a minimum of €100 per race profit. Some Guests will place Higher Bets, and some races you will make more…

2. Raffle

A raffle is the ‘Old Reliable’, everyone loves to win a prize….
Get as many Spot Prizes as possible and have a Raffle. Usually it’s €2 a strip, or 3 strips for €5. You can almost guarantee everyone present will buy tickets.

2. The Auction Race

The last Race of the Night is usually ‘The Auction Race”. Our MC will Auction the Horses to the highest bidders. There are only 8 Horses, so usually Syndicates Form and pool their money together. If each Horse was sold for €125, your club will retain 50%. So that’s €500 more for the club.


Other On The Night Revenue Potentials (Optional). These are a little more technical and really require explanation from our Events Managers.


Guests pay €5 to make a selection on who they think will win Races 6, 7, 8, 9. Potential Revenue for Club based on 150 Guests


Guests pay €10 to guess the finishing order of the first 3 Horses in Race 10. Usually the club would start selling this around 3/4 weeks prior to the Race Night. The winning selection gets €1,000, so this can be a Major Potential Revenue for Club