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There are many ways in which clubs are formatting the Kube Challenge Fundraiser. Here is a brief on 2 that might be suitable for you:

format 1:

Club Fundraiser

Clubs simply advertise internally and invite 36 Members (Recommended Number) to participate in The Kube Challenge Fundraiser. In order for the Contestant to be accepted they must agree to help raise funds for the Club.

The Club would ask the contestant’s to gain a Corporate Sponsor (i.e. a Company to Sponsor them for which the company’s logo will appear in the Booklet – usually €100), and take a Sponsorship Card and get Family and Friends to Sponsor them (again usually around €100 to €200).

The Club would put up a nominal prize fund, and around €1,000 first prize. By doing the event in this format you will not have to make incentives with a large prize as members are doing it for the Club!

format 2:

Community Based Initiative

With this format smaller clubs can open the event up to the local community and invite people to enter The Kube Challenge and represent a local organization or charity (local or national).

The club who are organizing the event would invite 36 people, members and outside people, to participate in The Kube Challenge Fundraiser. In order to attract these clubs to participate you will need to make incentives with a large prize. The club would usually offer €3,000 first prize for the Club represented by the winner.

This really is more of a community based initiative but from a fundraising perspective you can only charge each participating person an entry fee (which they would raise funds to get – usually €200)

The event is based on 32 (Max) Contestant’s taking part. Usually there are 4 Heats, with 2 Semi Finals and 1 Final

Adverts in The Souvenir Booklet

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