Fundraising Events Group

Revenue Potential

Main Event & Advertising Insert
The event is based on 24 (Max) Contestant’s taking part. Usually there are 10 Challenges.

# Revenue From: Amount:
1 Main Event Sponsor €3,000
2 Premium Sponsors @ €1,000 each €2,000
10 Challenge Sponsors @ €500 each €5,000
1 Winner’s Prize Sponsor €250
24 Contestant Sponsors @ €250 each €6,000
24 Contestants Sponsorship Cards @ €500 each €12,000
750 Ticket Sales @ €25 each €18,750
Surplus Contestant Revenue €5,000
2 On The Night Voting | Monster Raffle €3,000
TOTAL €55,000


Full Pages (€150.00 x 80) | Half Pages (€100.00 x 80) *
Estimated Total Revenue: €20,000.00 *

Total 1 (Main Event Revenue) €55,000
Total 2 (Advertising Revenue) €20,000

So following the basics above a Club can Gross over €75,000.00 from the Event. Clubs can gross around €55,000.00 and more from this Main Event, Plus Revenue from their Advertising Insert, which can add another €20,000.00 * We work with each club to maximize their Revenues. Please see Package/Costs and Payment Structure on the next E-mail.

It is important to have a VIP Reception, and Front Row Seats, for the Main and Premium Sponsors and to give them some ‘Complimentary Tickets’ for the Event.

Revenue Streams Information

  1. Main Event Sponsor

This is the big one reserved for your top Sponsor.

The Main Sponsor’s Logo will appear on Posters, and The Front (their logo) and Back Pages (their ad) of the Souvenir Booklet and also on Promo Video’s, Signage and any items Printed for the night. We will also have Signage, and will appear on all promo and printed items relating to the event. They will get ‘MAJOR’ publicity from the Night’s MC. 

  1. Premium Sponsors

There are 2 x Premium Sponsors and they usually get the similar publicity to the Main Event Sponsor. They get their Logo on the Posters and Promo under The Main Event Sponsor, and also either the Front Inside Cover or Back Inside Cover.

  1. Challenge Sponsors

There are 10 Challenges on the Night. Your Club can get a Sponsor for each of these. The Sponsor will be on the Screens prior to the Challenge, and also have their Logo on the Challenge Profile Page in the Souvenir Booklet for the Night (Some Clubs also offer a Full Page Advert Opposite). For Example Challenge 2, Hell Hole Sponsored By Spar, Ennis.

  1. Winners Prize

As well as being Crowned King or Queen of the Jungle the Winner will receive a Trophy and you can get a Winner’s Prize Sponsor. Again they will have an Advert in the Brochure, and their Advert on the Screens before the Winner Announcement.

  1. Contestant Sponsors

There are 24 Contestants.

Each Contestant will be required to get a Contestant Sponsor. We will place the Contestants Sponsor Logo on the Challenge Page. Again sometimes Clubs offer a Full Page Advert to the Contestant Sponsor opposite the Profile Page.

  1. Contestant Sponsorship Cards

Each Contestant will have a Sponsorship Card and be required to raise a set minimum amount of €350.00 on average, however this is totally up to the Club. But remember a Contestant can win based on their Fundraising and Results, so raising as much for the Club prior to the event is key to success so this is a huge incentive.

  1. Ticket Sales

The Event is based on 750 Ticket Sales for the Standard Package.

This would usually be for Venues that can facilitate around 600 Guests on Theatre Style Seating while allowing 20% of the floor space for the Stage area. If you decide to hold the Event in a larger venue we can provide an Enhanced Production to facilitate the increased venue size. The Bigger the Venue, the More Ticket Sales, the More Ticket Sales, the More Money Raised. Contestants are usually allocated between 10/15 Tickets Each to sell to their Family and Friends with the balance going on General Sale. We can facilitate on line options also for surplus sales.

  1. Adverts

The Advertising Insert
Companies can take a Full Pages (€150.00) | Half Pages (€100.00).

Prices can vary but average clubs would charge above.

Our Design Studio can design all the adverts to a Professional Standard.
You simply supply us with details of the company (i.e. A Business Card, Flyer, Etc) and we will make it up. Some Companies have their own adverts.

  1. Voting

Voting on the Night will account for 50% of the decision for Winner. Therefore it is important for the Supporters of the Contestants to Vote. Guests can place a vote for €2.00 (Minimum), or have 3 votes for €5.00 Some Guests will place Multiple Votes and you will make more …

  1. Raffle

A raffle is the ‘Old Reliable’, everyone loves to win a prize ….
Get as many Spot Prizes as possible and have a Raffle
Usually it’s €2.00 a strip, or 3 strips for €5.00
You can almost guarantee everyone present will buy tickets